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Technology Education New Zealand Encourages Teachers to Rise with Technology

Technology Education New Zealand (TENZ) is a collaborative, professional network that is hosting a conference next month called, TENZ 2019 -RISE (Reflect, Innovate, Shine and Educate). It is one of the ways to maintain links between educators and the technological community. Keep reading to discover more about the conference. 


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New Zealand Teachers How are You Using Digital Technology?

Interface Magazine NZ in association with HP on digital learning in New Zealand schools in 2019. A survey was conducted about the challenges and uses of digital technology in education and we are bringing to you the promising results. 


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Helping Prepare New Zealand Schools for the New Curriculum

Interface Magazine NZ shares the Education Review Office (ERO) report on school readiness to implement education on the new digital technologies at the start of 2020. Ellen MacGregor-Reid, deputy secretary of early learning and student achievement from the Ministry of Education shares her perspective on the report.  

New curriculum

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New Zealand Teachers How Virtual Reality can improve your classroom learning?

Recently, a major decision was made by the government of New Zealand: "Virtual Reality is going to be pushed into all schools in the year 2020". This decision will definitely improve students learning in the classroom. Keep reading to find out more.


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New Zealand- Why Virtual Reality is needed in Education?

In the coming year 2020 New Zealand's education sector will enjoy virtual reality as the new technology integration in the classroom for all schools. Why is this new implementation important and necessary?


The positive impact that students and teachers will notice as they use this emerging technology is significant for their learning and their future. In the following article you’ll discover the different reasons why utilizing virtual reality in the classroom is so beneficial. 

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New Zealand These are The Benefits of VR in Schools to Motivate Students

It is well-known that motivation plays a very important, if not the most important part in the learning process. Educators know that if they can connect learners with ideas and concepts that motivate them to discover more, there is a very high probability of successful outcomes amongst students.. But what role does virtual reality (VR) play in this, especially now that the government of New Zealand has announced that VR will be implemented in all schools for the upcoming year 2020?



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This Would be the Future of Education after New Zealand's decision to implement VR in the classroom.

The New Zealand government announced that it will implement virtual reality into all schools in the coming year of 2020. This big step will greatly impact education in the future.  Several challenges persist in the education system today.  And these may continue do so in the future, which is why our aim must be to use immersive technologies such as VR and AR. VR and AR address those challenges by designing dynamic and creative solutions.


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What to Expect from VR in the Classroom Teachers from New Zealand?

New Zealand's education sector will have virtual reality technology in all the schools starting next year according to the government. What can you expect from this emerging and innovative technology now present around the world? What should teachers expect from Virtual Reality in the classroom? And how can teachers use VR most effectively to ignite young minds? Let's dig in. 


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New Zealand- Here are 10 reasons to use Virtual Reality in the Classroom

The New Zealand's government announced that it will implement virtual reality into all schools in the new year 2020. Are you ready?


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New Zealand Teachers Here are 5 Ways To Implement Virtual Reality In The Learning Process

The key to New Zealand’s future success lies in our ability to adopt new technologies, and to be at the origin of new digital capability by converging, integrating or replacing existing technologies aid Dean Butchers GM Business Attraction & Investment, New Zealand.

Recently, the government of New Zealand announced that it will bring virtual reality into all schools in the year 2020. We know that there must be some teachers out there wondering how to start implementing VR in the classroom and what kind of impact it will bring.

Teacher VR

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