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New Zealand Teachers How are You Using Digital Technology?

Interface Magazine NZ in association with HP on digital learning in New Zealand schools in 2019. A survey was conducted about the challenges and uses of digital technology in education and we are bringing to you the promising results. 


-The overall results of the survey demonstrate that digital technology is now part of teaching life. 95% of respondents indicated that they use technology in education "all the time". The other 5% use technology "most of the day. 93% of the surveyed people own a smartphone and nearly 4 out of 5 have a laptop"

-The survey was answered  by Teachers with specialist e-learning tole (30.64%), followed by Senior Management (24.26%). Teachers without specialist e-learning tole (23.77%), IT/Network Managers (8.33%), and principals (6.37%)

- Most of the surveyed people were from secondary schools (37.01%), followed by primary contributing years one to six (21.83%), primary full years one to eight (20.85%), Intermediate (10.8%), composite/area (5.15%) and Tekura Kaupapa Māori (2.25%)

- 1 in 5 respondents describe their school's digital capabilities as "excellent". A further half believe it's "good" and a quarter said it was "fair". 3.2% of the respondents selected "Not so good". Nearly two thirds are using the BYOD (Bring your ownr device) programe.  

-Laptops, desktops and printers are ever-present, and nearly 1 in 10 schools has Virtual Reality headsets (8.35%)

-Costs and budgets are the challenging factors in the decision-making to purchase digital technology. Nearly a quarter believe upgrades to hardware aren't made because the cost is too high. Outdated and broken hardware is the most reported pain-point, followed by managing students devices. 

- 73% of the surveyed people want lessons ideas and activities to get students using technology creatively. 61% want to learn more about what future technologies are most relevant to education. 

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