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3 ways Virtual Reality will Produce Better Outcomes for New Zealand's Education Sector

Virtual reality will be the big star next year for the education sector of New Zealand. The new technology will be present in all schools in 2020 and here’s why it will improve outcomes for the education sector. 

VR Kid

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New Zealand- How Virtual Reality will Transform the classroom!

New Zealand's government will implement virtual reality into all schools for the upcoming year and that's an amazing news! Education should be constantly developing. Our world changes fast and education has to catch up with the general pace and adopt new, better ways to teach. One of the most progressive and promising technologies of today is virtual reality. Let’s take a closer look at how technology will transform the classroom into a more a positive environment. 


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These are the benefits of Implementing Virtual Reality in New Zealand's Education Sector

Recently, a major decision was made by the government of New Zealand: "Virtual Reality is going to be pushed into all schools in the year 2020". This landmark decision is an important step that will bring many  benefits. What area benefits of bringing this new technology into the classroom? In today’s article, we’ll discuss these advantages and how VR can benefit teachers and students. 


"Raising awareness and leveraging the potential of emerging technologies such as AR/VR is a key part of this. The growth of our local AR/VR sector is tipped to create new high value jobs and export opportunities, supporting the diversification and growth of the New Zealand economy. And the application of these technologies in areas such as health, education, and entertainment also carries significant benefits".  Carolyn Tremain Chief Executive, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment of New Zealand in a report from NZVR/AR Association 

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